Jess was born and raised in Alaska. Studied various art mediums, including photography, sculpture, drawing, and painting, etc... After many years of freezing, she moved to Arizona to thaw out and to continue her art education, this time in graphic design. She spent over 15 years in the graphic design industry, but could never stop drawing and painting. Early 2016, after losing a big job, in financial hardship, depressed, and a marriage in trouble, she started writing a list of love projects to work on until her next birthday. She wrote down several painting ideas and several sewing project ideas. It wasn’t until she had the list almost complete that she realized all the items she wrote had to do with two main things she loves to do: painting and embroidery. Since then, while in a financial overhaul and complete marriage repair, she’s been experimenting and creating her artwork. Emphasis on strong feminine figures; like witches and mermaids, and other beautiful creatures.

We are all born naked, beautiful, and screaming. It’s what we surround or wrap ourselves with; experiences we choose, the textures of life, that help shape who we are. Mix the gorgeous nudeness (paint) with the hard shapes of being/becoming mature (thread). I love to create ways to combine the complete freedom of fluid paint with the structure of the embroidery thread. It’s so influential to find new ways to mix these two concepts in our lives more often than we realize.

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